In attendance: Hanny, Jenny P, Meghan, Gabi, Lauren, Jenny W, Bryce, Julia Westwater

@MIT: None

Absent: Julia H

  • Nominations/Elections
    1. Some departments/at-large still don’t have any nominations
    2. Sent out more reminder emails
    3. End of week next week for final voting
  • MIT/GSC and possible Aquarium fieldtrip
    1. Budget and application ready, due Sept 1
    2. Trip would entail aquarium admission – free for WHOI students and $11 tickets for MIT students. IMAX theatre would be a $9 ticket. Lunch voucher for $9 includes full meal.
    3. Estimating half JP and half MIT at about 40 people, budget would be around $900, without transport
    4. WHOI students can carpool and get reimbursed for gas.
    5. Overall would be much cheaper than the summer picnic but would serve less people.
    6. Will send out poll to JP students for interest
  • Screening for On the Brink: Uncharted Waters – Jenny P
    1. Whale shark documentary film-maker will be in the Boston area around October
    2. Would be interested in screening the movie here
    3. Eco-tourism focus
  • ODGE thank you letter
    1. Picture of reps – DONE
    2. Will compile on google docs if reps have edits.